Tonnellerie d’Aquitaine air-seasons staves on its own premises for 24 to 36 months, guaranteed. By selecting our own wood and by air-seasoning on our premises, we have full control over the wood origin from the forest all the way to the barrel production.

This critical process allows us to provide winemakers with premium quality staves. Master Coopers at the facility can then toast barrels according to the aromatic profile selected in accordance with the winemaker’s specification.

Thanks to a fully integrated process, Tonnellerie d’Aquitaine is certifying the wood origin selected to manufacture each barrel.

From the selection of the staves sorted by forest, to the delivery of barrels to the winery, every single aspect of the manufacturing process is monitored. This unique traceability system assures consistency of the barrels that Tonnellerie d’Aquitaine is proudly manufacturing.

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